Big Data has been a buzzword that we are all familiar with by now.  From being a crucial factor in increasing profits to more productivity in the workplace, utilizing business intelligence has become an emerging trend in the publishing industry. However, simply ‘using’ business intelligence’ will not lead you to your desired results.  With a clear vision and effective, planned steps – business intelligence needs to be utilized effectively for the best analysis and results.

Business Intelligence Tips From RedLink

The ‘When’ Factor

Regardless of whatever field you work in, every profession has deadlines. Without deadlines and proper timeframes, strategies as well as goals become ineffective.  Similarly, the time factor applies to business intelligence as well. It’s important to note that big data also has its ‘expiry date’, or a deadline when it’s most effective to use by for a specific purpose. Maurizio Canton, CTO of TIBCO, rightfully said, “For some types leisurely analysis is sufficient, but others have an intrinsic ‘use by’ date, calling for immediate action.”

Always Keep the ‘Big Picture’ in Mind

It’s crucial to always take a holistic approach when it comes to business intelligence. It’s always important to remember that the purpose of business intelligence is insight. However, the best insight isn’t possible without having the ‘big picture’ in mind. From knowing how business intelligence would impact every step of your organization to anticipating realistic results, it’s important to know that ‘business intelligence’ and the ‘big picture’ are concepts which should be associated often.

Use ‘Business Intelligence’ for your Company’s HR Practices

While BI is often associated with understanding the customer, analyzing the market, and implementing strategies – it is also a very effective tool for measuring employee performance. BI can be the key to improving the workforce within a company. Consider how in our earlier blog post, we mentioned how big data is used in Google’s HR (Analytics at Google).  By utilizing big data on its own employees, their People’s Analytics Department was able to effectively learn about the most effective rewards to generate better performances by their managers.

Big Data continues to be a trending topic among many industries. Recently, academic publishing catching up with the use of big data has been effective in bringing growth and implementing effective strategies. At RedLink, we are always interested in optimizing the results of big data. If you have any experiences with big data, please share with us at