The events in Charlottesville this weekend and their aftermath shocked most people. We’ve been thinking of Charlottesville for many reasons, including the friends we have made there via Silverchair Information Systems and the publishers who work with them.

The actions of the white supremacists, racists, and bigots in Charlottesville are intolerable and inexcusable on their face. When those actions turn into domestic terrorism through the weaponizing of an automobile, events take on an entirely new gravity.

We condemn anyone who seeks to divide Americans along any lines whatsoever — racial, financial, political, or spiritual. The American dream and idea is about inclusion, tolerance, freedom from fear, and freedom from want.

We send our love to the residents of Charlottesville and to our friends at Silverchair as both cope to recover and rebuild from these terrible events. Coming from a city that itself was attacked by hatred, we believe you will emerge stronger than before.