Before we know it, the budgeting and forecasting season will be here and publishing industry marketers will be thinking about lead generation. If generating leads for new institutional subscriptions is an important facet of your marketing program, how do you decide how best to spend your marketing budget?  The marketing channels you use for promotion probably include the following that require marketing spend:

  • Conference attendance/exhibits
  • Direct Mail
  • Online Advertising (display banner ads)
  • Print Advertising
  • Telemarketing/Telesales campaigns

As marketers, we are often asked to provide metrics about the return on our marketing investment (ROI).  For many marketers, measuring the contribution that a particular campaign or tactic has on revenue is the most important metric. If measuring ROI is difficult, is it possible to determine what a “good” ROI would be?  Consider these average costs of the tactics identified above:

  • Exhibiting at a conference involves booth rental, furniture rental, travel for attendees, collateral and give-aways; for attending a domestic conference, the average cost would be around $6000.
  • Direct mail involves designing, printing, mailing, and renting a mail list; on average for 1000 pieces, cost would be $5000.
  • To run a monthly banner ad for 12 months will cost $7000 for the placement, plus the design work; a half-page print ad in an industry publication or event program typically costs $2500.
  • If you decide to invest in a telemarketing/telesales campaign, expect to spend around $5000 for a 4-week engagement targeting 100 potential institutional subscribers, plus commission on the closed sales.

What would a “good” ROI look like for these typical expenditures?  How many site licenses do you need to sell to recoup your investment?  One of the things I find exciting about RedLink SiteLeads™ is that a publisher on average needs to close only 2 – 3 sales to realize a profit.  And we make it easy to target quality leads:

  • SiteLeadsTM identifies potential customers based on their usage patterns.
  • It makes sense of usage coming from IPs that don’t belong to your customers.
  • SiteLeadsTM can tell you how big the opportunity is, who the customer is, and how to contact them.
  • PDF one-sheets, branded with your logo and contact information, show data to demonstrate library patrons want to access your content.

With pre-qualified, actionable leads, at a low annual cost, SiteLeads™ offers optimal ROI.  Contact us to learn more about how RedLink SiteLeads™ can help you boost your lead gen activity and prepare your organization for a successful selling season, or join us July 27, 2017, for a free webinar: