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Regardless of the industry, metrics are always essential tools in monitoring progress, growth, interest, and potential. In our previous blog, we discussed how scholarly publishing benefits from metrics such as abstracts, denials, usage, sessions, and full texts. However, in the academic publishing industry, altmetrics are alternative metrics which are used instead of traditional citation impact metrics. Altmetrics measure the impact of work through citation counts, article views, downloads, data referrals, and social media mentions. Websites, universities, funders, researchers, and publishers are increasingly using altmerics for their own specific purposes. Categories of Altmetrics Altmetrics are increasingly becoming vital to measure impact and have a broad range of metrics. ImpactStory and Public Library of Science. have used five classifications of altmetrics. 1) ...

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Whether it is your marketing goals or personal branding, social media has become a necessity in every industry. A simple tweet or blog post has the potential to build your brand, engage in industry developments, and spread your message to a rapidly increasing audience. On the other hand, scholarly publishing has often been associated with terms such as ‘traditional’ or even ‘old school’.  However, the dynamics of academic publishing are changing.  Not only alternative publishing models are being introduced, but social media is increasingly playing a pivotal role in the industry. Social media increasing in scholarly publishing, but it’s changing the industry as well. Public Peer Review The findings of research is no longer limited to just academic publications or ...

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In our previous blog, we introduced ways how scholarly publishing is becoming more data-oriented. Here are some more ways that academic publishing is utilizing data on a more frequent basis: 3. The Shift to Digital The rise of e-books and online learning has raised the enthusiasm of many in the academic publishing industry. However, shifting to digital also raises the need for data in order to track metrics under the e-model. Digital content also requires new metrics to track such as turnaways. With the rising number of metrics to track in regards with the shift to digital – the need for data is becoming much more essential for academic publishing. 4. Growing Opportunities Scholarly publishing is a rapidly growing field ...

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1) Tell us about your background I started my college career at Ohlone College.  I spent two of my years there and earned an A.A degree in  Business (with Honors). During those two years, I also worked as an assistant at Kumon Learning Center. After my two years at Ohlone  College, I transferred to UC Berkeley, where I am currently completing my undergraduate studies.  With my education at Cal being an amazing and unique experience, working at RedLink as a marketing coordinator is also a very essential educational experience for me as well. 2) What’s the best part about being a marketing coordinator at RedLink? I started working as a marketing coordinator at RedLink since March 2014.  Since starting at ...

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Do you know who and where are your customers? Here are three trends to watch for… Anyone who has read various articles on academic publishing is aware how the industry is often associated with being ‘out of touch’.  With technological developments and social networking on the rise, it is crucial that academic publishing should adapt with the latest trends in order to stay on top of customer needs. From the rise of e-books and mobile device usage to publishers taking a more interactive approach in terms of data provision, academic publishers need to deal with various areas in order to be updated with their customers’ needs.  With educational institutions being quick in adapting to latest trends and techniques, academic publishing ...

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