Are Startups the Future of Scholarly Publishing? image

Over recent years, scholarly publishing has been an industry that has been rapidly evolving. Publishing models have been changing, data analytics are gaining further importance, research is becoming personalized, and social media is becoming a necessity. However, all of these changes would not be possible without startups.  As impressive and exciting trends develop in the industry, startups play a vital role for introducing new opportunities and providing solutions for publishers. Transforming Higher Education Technology has been essential to the advancement of higher education. New classroom models to interactive learning have not only changed the higher education experience, but have introduced new methods for universities to engage with their students. The role of startups in this transformation should not be overlooked. ...

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Will Double Blind Peer Review Eliminate Bias in Scholarly Publishing? image

Double Blind Peer Review: A Growing Trend? Peer review has consistently been a vital topic in publishing news, from ethical issues to new methods of conducting it. Considering the biases involved in approving papers, double blind peer review has been gaining more acceptance as well as criticism within the academic publishing industry. What is Double Blind Peer Review? Bias has been a major concern among educators and researchers regarding peer review. The current process of peer review is single-blind,in which the author’s identity is known and the reviewers are anonymous. The process of double-blind review allows authors to request their names and their affiliations to be hidden from the reviewers. In one of the largest studies on peer review—a 2009 ...

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Can Social Media Change Scholarly Publishing? image

Whether it is your marketing goals or personal branding, social media has become a necessity in every industry. A simple tweet or blog post has the potential to build your brand, engage in industry developments, and spread your message to a rapidly increasing audience. On the other hand, scholarly publishing has often been associated with terms such as ‘traditional’ or even ‘old school’.  However, the dynamics of academic publishing are changing.  Not only alternative publishing models are being introduced, but social media is increasingly playing a pivotal role in the industry. Social media increasing in scholarly publishing, but it’s changing the industry as well. Public Peer Review The findings of research is no longer limited to just academic publications or ...

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Challenges in Peer Review image

Ever since our elementary school days, we can all recall our teachers telling us to proofread our work.  Many of our classes would have ‘peer review’ as well, with students proofreading and providing critical feedback on each other’s essays in order to improve the quality of their work.  Similarly, peer review in also done in academia in order to determine suitability for publication. The process involves individuals of equal competence and in the same academic field who evaluate the work of a scholar.  Peer review has consistently been noted as the top concern of scholars and is used to maintain the quality, standard, and performance of the publication.   However, it is also important to note that there are many challenges ...

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