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Those closely following the news and developments on business intelligence are clearly aware of its benefits.  From effective results such as spotting opportunities and increasing revenue, experts have been constantly emphasizing the use of business intelligence. However, it is also important to acknowledge that simply using business intelligence does not lead to profits and accomplishing goals. Consider how students often purchase reference books and study guides to achieve their desired results on exams. Simply having access to reference books and study guides will only be effective if supplemented by attending lectures and doing the actual readings for the course.  Similarly, having access to business intelligence is not enough.  It must be supplemented by a variety of factors in order to ...

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MIT Press, one of the most prestigious and innovative scholarly publishers in the industry, has partnered with  RedLink, a leading provider of business intelligence to academic publishers, for access to detailed reports and personalized data analytics for their journals. RedLink Access has been specifically chosen by MIT Press in order to help their journals stay on top of the competition, gain valuable insight on their sales as well as marketing efforts, and spotting opportunities for growth. The only university press in the U.S. with their journal articles based on science and technology, MIT Press has been publishing for fifty two years. Not only limited to science and technology, the  MIT Press also has a strong publishing presence in the fields ...

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The Data Defense Standard Learn how RedLink helped Canadian Science Publishing (CSP) quickly respond to a customer’s inquiry. Having problems with the circulation of your publication? Can’t leverage a competitive marketing edge due to hiccups in your distribution framework? The case study of Canadian Science Publishing (CSP) will tell you how real world challenges can be tackled with awesome intelligence tools! CSP is the publisher of NRC Research Press journals and various workflow components of their 13 client journals. However, when CSP was informed by a big pharmaceutical client about a decline in the usage for two of its three titles – which the client attributed to a diminution in its own research staff, CSP felt something was wrong. This ...

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Scholarly Publishing is Becoming a Data-Oriented Industry image

Scholarly publishing has been an industry which has often been associated with terms such as ‘old school’ or ‘traditional’.  However, with recent developments within the industry over the past couple of years, people making such assumptions should absolutely reconsider. Academic publishing has been adapting for new digital platforms, concepts such as open access are gaining more acceptance, opportunities for growth are rapidly increasing, and social media networking is becoming a norm in the industry.  All of these changes are accompanied with the need for data.  Without the proper use of data, adapting to the trends of scholarly publishing is simply impossible and becoming data-oriented has simply become a necessity to become successful in the industry. 1. Cost Efficiency As academic ...

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Big Data has been a buzzword that we are all familiar with by now.  From being a crucial factor in increasing profits to more productivity in the workplace, utilizing business intelligence has become an emerging trend in the publishing industry. However, simply ‘using’ business intelligence’ will not lead you to your desired results.  With a clear vision and effective, planned steps – business intelligence needs to be utilized effectively for the best analysis and results. Business Intelligence Tips From RedLink The ‘When’ Factor Regardless of whatever field you work in, every profession has deadlines. Without deadlines and proper timeframes, strategies as well as goals become ineffective.  Similarly, the time factor applies to business intelligence as well. It’s important to note ...

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We have all heard about the significance of business intelligence and the growth of big data.  Interestingly, the use of business intelligence tools is becoming a trending practice among academic publishers as well.  However, it is important to use such tools with proper metrics in order to measure a plethora of factors including growth,interest, performance, and potential. At RedLink, we strongly believe in utilizing the most effective and comprehensive metrics to provide the best analysis for your journal. Denials Denials are an excellent indicator for your  journal’s potential by indicating an unmet demand. It is immensely common to convert denials into potential subscription sales. As a result, it’s an excellent metric for scholarly publishers! High denials present an opportunity to ...

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