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How do you, as an academic publisher, spot opportunities and mitigate risk? How does your sales team discover new markets and stay on top of your accounts? RedLink’s business intelligence solution provides a simple, intuitive and user friendly interface to visualize data that enables marketing and sales people to get deeper actionable customer insights resulting in enhanced business performance and customer satisfaction. Find out how RedLink can help you stay ahead of the publishing curve! Come meet us at 2015 SSP Annual Meeting! Where:  Visit RedLink booth # 212 Who: Deepika Bajaj, VP of Publisher Relations ( Dimitris Spanos, CTO ( To arrange a meeting in advance, click here. Introducing RedLink Network: Learn More at the SSP pitch session! RedLink ...

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In our previous blog, we brought up emerging trends in academic publishing. Here are some other trends to expect in 2015! Rise of Data Analytics Data analytics is becoming a greater necessity in nearly every industry.  In order for publishers to spot opportunities and grow further, data analytics is becoming a common source to accomplish such goals. The fact that publishers are buying analytics startups further reflects its increasing importance. In 2015, expect even more publishers to utilize data. Global Digital Library Emerging We have all heard of academic publishing going digital. Top players in scholarly publishing are making transitions to accommodate the rising preference for digital journals.  As journals become more expensive and librarians deal with budget cuts, the ...

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  Academic publishing has always been an evolving industry.  Current trends have further advanced practices in academic publishing.  From the increasing use of business intelligence to the necessity to share information, the dynamics of scholarly publishing have definitely changed.  Conferences such as the Frankfurt Book Fair as well as APE 2015 have involved conversations from experts regarding the direction of the industry, ranging from the emergence of different publishing models to accessing journals of different platforms.  Here are some of our thoughts on what to expect from academic publishing in 2015! 1) The Rise of Startups Academic publishing is currently one of the most profitable industries in the world. The industry generates as much as $12 billion worldwide and billions ...

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