An update to RedLink’s popular Publisher Dashboard provides new insights into content usage at the product level to help editors, managers, and sales teams alike

7 August, 2018, Westborough MA — RedLink has recently announced the launch of a significant upgrade to its popular usage data analytics system, Publisher Dashboard.

Publisher Dashboard helps publishers see what they’re missing by providing intuitive visualizations and powerful tools for analysis of customer online usage, cost, and renewal data. By highlighting trends in full text usage and denials by discipline, publication date, title, and usage by consortia, Publisher Dashboard makes identifying opportunities and risks simple and fast.  With a cloud-based interface available 24/7, sales teams and sales agents can be even more effective with access to data by territory and by customer.

The newly enhanced Product View makes it even easier to review usage at the product level, identifying top institutions, countries, and usage patterns over time. Products can be compared, and the data and visualizations easily exported or saved.  Sales, Marketing, Editors and editorial staff will value the ability to review the product portfolio both at the top level, and with the ability to drill down in detail to see trends and make comparisons. This significant enhancement has rolled out to current Publisher Dashboard customers automatically.

“Collaboration around data is critical for an informed organization,” said Kent Anderson, CEO of RedLink. “By enhancing our Product View in Publisher Dashboard so it’s as intuitive and easy to use as the rest of the product, we think editorial, marketing, and sales teams will find it even easier to collaborate around usage data and customer needs.”

About RedLink

RedLink helps libraries, publishers, and users see what they’ve been missing. RedLink’s products include powerful, intuitive dashboards for libraries and publishers (Library Dashboard and Publisher Dashboard), unique sales prospecting engines for publishers (SiteLeads®), and editorial engagement tools for editors, authors, and readers (Remarq®). RedLink also offers RedLink Network, a free service libraries and publishers can use to collaborate on synchronizing access credentials and service needs.