RedLink is pleased to announce the expansion of its award-winning library product line with its new Consortia Dashboard.

RedLink introduced its new Consortia Dashboard at the recent Charleston Conference, extending the award-winning functionality of its Library Dashboard to consortia. Consortia Dashboard allows consortial administrators to:

  • Review usage across its member libraries at the product, bundle, and discipline levels
  • Compare usage and cost data between libraries within the consortia
  • Examine detailed data for its libraries, products, bundles, databases, e-books, and disciplines
  • Share information easily with member libraries and other managers and directors
  • Remain apprised of trends and changing elements that affect your patrons and budget

Consortia Dashboard is priced affordably for consortia of all types, and runs atop Library Dashboard. It also integrates with RedLink Network, the free IP registry and collaboration platform for libraries and publishers. With these products working in conjunction, libraries and consortia get the tools they need to effectively manage budget, analyze usage, and collaborate with providers.

“Consortia Dashboard is a natural extension of our library product line,” said Kent Anderson, CEO of RedLink. “With the improvements and integrations coming to RedLink Network, expansions of our Library Dashboard, and more, we look forward to bringing our sophisticated and straightforward solutions to institutions and consortia of all kinds.”