October 24th, 2017, Westborough, MA — Remarq®, the decentralized scholarly collaboration network from RedLink®, has launched a Chrome browser extension to facilitate annotation, collaboration, and connection across the Web. This tool is designed to help students and instructors be more effective in their classroom collaborations, while also extending the value of Remarq for scholarly users generally.

Called Remarq Lite, this browser extension allows users to seamlessly integrate notes and highlights from any online source into their unified Remarq profile. It also allows users to create and join public and private groups for collaboration.

The plugin is free, and available for download now. Remarq Lite works best with Chrome. It is also compatible with Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari as a bookmark users can activate (fully integrated plugins for these browsers are being developed).

Designed specifically to support users in the education market, Remarq Lite allows:

  • instructors to create private classroom groups for collaboration
  • students to create private groups for project work
  • other teams to create private or public groups for various purposes, including research and projects
  • users to create a profile and connect with colleagues and friends

Users can include rich media, math, annotated text, and more in their group conversations using Remarq Lite.

Users of Remarq Lite will see their notes, highlights, and group activity reflected in their full Remarq profiles. Remarq is available on a growing number of journals. Users of Remarq on journals can also benefit from using Remarq Lite, as the plugin notifies them of activity in Remarq, while allowing them to extend the value of their profile across other sources and media.

“With Remarq’s unique set of collaborative tools – private and public groups, integration with publisher sites, unified personal profiles, legal article-sharing, and more, we’re excited to make key functions available to the educational market with Remarq Lite,” said Kent Anderson, RedLink’s CEO. “The elegant and consistent design and integrated functions should please current and new users alike.”