In addition to partnerships with Silverchair and Ingenta, RedLink is happy to announce an expanded partnership with Atypon

June 5 2018 – Westborough, MA —
RedLink is pleased to announce a partnership with Atypon, offering Literatum customers full integration with RedLink Network, as well as Remarq® collaboration tools in its new in-browser eReader for books and journals.

Atypon Literatum Now Integrated with RedLink Network

Atypon is now offering customers on its Literatum platform full integration with RedLink Network to simplify management of access credentials for subscription content.  Hundreds of libraries are already using RedLink Network to store IP address ranges, Shibboleth information, link resolvers, and other information to easily communicate any updates or changes to publishers, saving hours of staff time and minimizing patron access interruptions. RedLink Network’s intuitive interfaces and sophisticated framework also lets connected publishers and institutions review the status of requested changes, communicate more easily, and collaborate to the benefit of their mutual customers – the students, faculty, and researchers they both serve.

Through this integration, Literatum makes it even easier for Atypon customers to take advantage of RedLink Network, simplifying workflows and improving customer response time.  By connecting publishers directly with their library customers, RedLink Network helps them both ensure that readers have seamless access to the information they need.

Atypon Offers Remarq® in Literatum’s New eReader

Atypon’s new in-browser e-Reader for books and journals, a fully integrated feature of the Literatum publishing platform, includes an integration with the annotation, group, and profile tools within Remarq. Remarq is the engagement service for publishers offering annotation, commenting, article sharing, group collaboration, post-publication review, and more, all on the publisher’s site and utilizing the version of record. The integration gives researchers a convenient way to annotate, collaborate, and moderate discussions from any content opened with the eReader, online or offline.

Remarq keeps researchers and readers on publisher-branded sites by providing a powerful and smoothly integrated set of tools that support authors, editors, and users. For more information about Remarq, visit