MIT Press, one of the most prestigious and innovative scholarly publishers in the industry, has partnered with  RedLink, a leading provider of business intelligence to academic publishers, for access to detailed reports and personalized data analytics for their journals. RedLink Access has been specifically chosen by MIT Press in order to help their journals stay on top of the competition, gain valuable insight on their sales as well as marketing efforts, and spotting opportunities for growth.

The only university press in the U.S. with their journal articles based on science and technology, MIT Press has been publishing for fifty two years. Not only limited to science and technology, the  MIT Press also has a strong publishing presence in the fields of economics, architecture, cognitive science, and social theory. Annually, MIT Press publishers more than thirty journals which are known for their influence, creativity, and affordability. Since the  1960’s, MIT Press has also been a leading and innovative leader in the field of electronic publishing. With their emphasis on the best content and platforms, MIT Press makes sure to stay committed in providing its readers the best.

About RedLink

RedLink’s main goal is to provide business intelligence to academic publishers. It provides a simple, intuitive and user friendly interface to visualize data in a way that enables marketing and sales people to stay on top of their customers’ needs, proactively deal with risks, easily spot opportunities, and grow their business. RedLink is designed to build efficiency and customer satisfaction into the sales cycle with a few clicks, and its technology is easily adapted to any hosting platform. It is constantly evolving to deliver flexibility to publishers to do what is best for their customers and content. For more information about RedLink, please visit:

About MIT Press

The Journals division of the MIT Press began in 1969 with two quarterly publications. Today, they publish 30 titles in the arts and humanities, economics, international affairs, history, political science, science and technology. They  were one of the first university presses to offer its titles electronically, and the division continues to adopt technologies that allow us to better support the scholarly mission and disseminate our content widely. The division publishes journals owned by the MIT Press as well as journals sponsored by various societies and associations. They offer a suite of traditional and digital services that can be customized to fit each journal’s needs.