1) Tell us about your background

I started my college career at Ohlone College.  I spent two of my years there and earned an A.A degree in  Business (with Honors). During those two years, I also worked as an assistant at Kumon Learning Center. After my two years at Ohlone  College, I transferred to UC Berkeley, where I am currently completing my undergraduate studies.  With my education at Cal being an amazing and unique experience, working at RedLink as a marketing coordinator is also a very essential educational experience for me as well.

2) What’s the best part about being a marketing coordinator at RedLink?

I started working as a marketing coordinator at RedLink since March 2014.  Since starting at RedLink, I have had the responsibility for several aspects including newsletters, social media, press releases, and networking with academic publishers.  Having responsibility for various aspects is actually the best part about being a marketing coordinator at RedLink.  As a result, whenever I see progress with our social media outreach or the positive response from our newsletters, it is very exciting to have a major role in such amazing and positive developments.

3) What excites you the most for working at a startup environment?

With RedLink’s qualified team and fantastic support, I never feel as if I am working at a startup environment. With a detailed plan for every aspect and efficiency in reaching our goals, being a marketing coordinator at RedLink seems more of working to promote an established brand. However, initiating the social media presence and creating content are crucial for building a new brand. Working for a startup gives me the unique opportunity of building a brand with great influence and guidance at the same time.

4) What are some challenges that you face at RedLink?

As exciting as building a brand is, it comes with great responsibility. From creating blog posts to carrying our social media plans, every step and every post is geared toward further establishing RedLink’s brand. Realizing that all of my efforts are dedicated to  building RedLink’s presence, every step requires a great deal of planning. However, the  accomplishment of building RedLink’s brand  and presence  is just as rewarding as well.

5) Your motto?

“Shoot for moon.  Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”