1) Tell us a little about your background

I always love to see how computing makes a difference and affects our life. That’s why I got really excited about the software development field and studied computer information systems. I earned the bachelor’s degree from University of Jordan and since my last year at college. I enjoyed  developing backend web and mobile applications at different scales with many software companies and entrepreneurs as well.

  2)   What excites you to work in a startup environment?

Today the technology is evolving rapidly, startups and entrepreneurs become one of the most important factor of this evolution. I am so excited to be a part of a motivational and challenging environment, and I believe today that a successful startup needs to go beyond the individuals innovation to new levels of collaboration, change management, and agility.


 3)  What are the challenges you see in the academic publishing industry?

On the one hand handling the academic publishing data in addition to the huge amount of the generated data by all the involved parties through the process become a must due to its  magnificent impact on the industry, and on the other hand. making the best of the changing technology is a great challenge for the publishers as well as the publishing software and service providers too.


 4) What do you look forward to build as a technical expert?

I’m so excited about the role of the big data in the today’s life and the impact of the timely information on different aspects of any organization. This requires a great attention to the big picture of the data flows to highlight the important information in order to support the business decisions and provide a sophisticated business planning and analysis framework.
5) Your motto?

“Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.” – Albert Einstein