Tell us about your background.  

I had a passion for computers and all technological developments since I was very young. During my studies as a computer scientist, I realized that what really excited me was not the engineering part, but the process of strategizing around a problem, understanding the need and using the foundation I had been building to solve that need. Hence I would say that I am Entrepreneur at heart.

I had the opportunity to contribute to a diverse number of projects, ranging from large, very compute intensive, big data, complex applications to front-end, user-focused, mobile and web applications as well as the priviledge to work with very talented people from whom I learnt a lot.

What are you excited about building as a technical expert?

Computer Science gives us the foundation to create applications easily compared to other industries which can have a big impact in our lives at the same time. I am personally excited when these products challenge the status quo thereby creating new trends or simplify and expedite the task at hand. As a result, in the latter case,  they provide us with time and flexibility to think about the future, enable us to innovate.

What are the challenges you see in the academic publishing industry?

In one hand institutions have tighter budgets at their disposal which makes life harder for the academic publishers, in the other hand as science – in general – advances, the need for sophisticated content increases both in terms of audience as well as access frequency. Hence I don’t see a challenge but rather an opportunity in disguise for the publishing world which I believe is going to change drastically over the next decade or so.

How do you see your work at RedLink, making an impact to help academic publishing ecosystem?

With the above statements in mind, I really hope and believe that with the current set of tools, RedLink is able to help publishers be more efficient. We also have many exciting things in store for the future.

Part of what makes our job so much fun, is the close collaboration with our clients. We like to experiment and feedback from the publishers enables us to spearhead our product, iterate faster and tailor it to their needs.

As I mentioned above, my personal view is that we are just starting to witness the dawn of a new era for the publishing world. The demand for content is going up, new models are being discussed with regard to monetization, delivery, content discovery and  impact measuring among others; the success of many of these new ideas and approaches can be assessed with analytics which we aim to provide.

It would be great if by keep pushing the limits and testing the waters, RedLink could be one of the catalysts for innovation.

Your motto:

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. – Leonardo Da Vinci