The funding of research, libraries, and publishers has been under pressure for decades. Research budgets are flat or down, even with recent increases in the US. In Europe, austerity measures have siphoned research funding away. This is happening even as more students are being urged to become trained scientists, creating huge pressures on these individuals, on publishers, and on libraries as publication becomes more competitive. With major economies like China entering the picture, the competition has increased all the more.

Libraries find themselves in a pinch, as their share of growing university budgets shrinks. This leads to modest increases in their budgets, if any at all, which cannot keep pace with an explosion in published research.

At the 2016 Aries Systems Editorial Manager User Group (EMUG) meeting on June 16th, 2016, Kent Anderson, CEO of RedLink, will discuss trends in the funding of science, the ways that journals and researchers are dealing with a high-pressure publishing environment, and the concrete numbers describing the pressures facing libraries. His keynote address on “The Economics of Scholarly Publishing” will provide valuable insights into important trends that affect every aspect of scholarly and academic publishing, giving EMUG attendees important contexts to understand the broader implications of their work and trends they are seeing day-to-day.