Find out how Redlink provided a personalized data analytics solution for Annual Reviews and helped its sales team to focus on revenue generating accounts.

Does your sales team have access to advanced data solutions to make the best sales decisions? Can they easily overview region based revenue generating accounts? Are they reaching the right audience?

In this case study, find out how Annual Reviews was able to share region specific accounts’ information with the sales agencies, and with the external and internal sales team. Discover better ways to make powerful sales plan and track sales efficiency. Learn and experience the power of business intelligence with Redlink.

Annual Reviews, a publisher of 46 journals with extensive publication disciplines from biomedical sciences to social sciences was looking for data solutions. Their aim was to provide the sales team with easy access of accounts of specific regions, gain more visibility and have better sales plan. Redlink provided a country- wide reporting to improve sales effectiveness. This helped Annual Reviews sales team to have focus on revenue generating accounts , cut down cost and add value to business. RedLink has also successfully raised AR’s publication usage.

How did RedLink create a country wide reporting system? How to gain from a secure and powerful data interpretation? How can you spot opportunities and grow your business? Find out how RedLink provided the business solutions.

What the case study includes

  • Insights into how RedLink unique dashboard helped AR save valuable time and cost.
  • RedLink’s user friendly interface design to visualize data for the sales team.
  • Business solutions to create value for customers and identify new opportunities.

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