Learn how RedLink helped Canadian Science Publishing (CSP) quickly respond to a customer’s inquiry.

Having problems with the circulation of your publication? Can’t leverage a competitive marketing edge due to hiccups in your distribution framework? The case study of Canadian Science Publishing (CSP) will tell you how real world challenges can be tackled with awesome intelligence tools! CSP is the publisher of NRC Research Press journals and various workflow components of their 13 client journals. However, when CSP was informed by a big pharmaceutical client about a decline in the usage for two of its three titles – which the client attributed to a diminution in its own research staff, CSP felt something was wrong. This decline caused the client to reconsider the value of a multi-year CSP subscription. That’s when CSP turned to RedLink, to promptly respond to the concerns of the client in order to save the contract. RedLink started analyzing CSP’s data and then something wonderful happened! You could now learn how CSP made their magical twist.

  • Contains the insights into how CSP managed to turn around an almost certain client loss to a subscription renewal utilizing RedLink.
  • The power of business intelligence tools in the context of a real world challenges.
  • Insights into how business intelligence tools can help clients in academic publishing industry.

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