Significance of visualized data is an emerging trend of 2014.  A graph is a simple and easy interpretation of data. An accurate display of information is the foundation of actionable insights. These insights lead to faster decision making and in formulating and executing strategy focused on delivering results across the business value chain.Visual data is constantly improving the dynamics of making business decisions. For example, consider the perspective of Martin Renkins, the CEO of Smartvue Corporation, “The retail industry has only begun to tap the capabilities of visual business intelligence. I see a future where we wonder how anyone operated any size retail store without some level of visual business intelligence as part of their day to day business decision making.” With visual data becoming more influential day by day, it is certain to play a greater role in the future of business strategies.At RedLink, we focus on building value for our customers by giving them an intuitive dashboard with fast and easy access to data. Our objective is to arm customers with data to make decisions that add to the bottom line. For business growth, we help publishers to get insights on their  customer and help them cater content to meet customer demand and drive customer retention. Simply said, we inform you that customer likes soda and help you sell them more soda. After all, we believe business results are the true validation of the value of the tools we are building.For more information, contact us on